Check out These Delish Protein Bars

We recently heard about a delicious brand of Protein

Bars and just could not keep our thoughts to ourselves!

Small World Beauty Protein Bars

About Small World Beauty

Smallworld Beauty was founded to inspire and motivate individuals to live a healthier life. They strive to create the best products to help make anyones weight loss journey sweet and simple.


After years of being overweight, lacking self-confidence and a passion for life, founder and CEO, Ghada Abuhakmeh, was determined to make a change. She dedicated herself to seeking out the most effective ways to optimize her metabolism, health and mental well-being.

Ghada joined online weight loss communities for support, joined a gym to boost her weight loss, and gave her kitchen a total makeover, eliminating all junk food. Within months, her body began to transform. Acknowledging that it took years to pack on the weight, she remained patient and persistent. The side effects of this new “diet” were too good not to implement for life. Looking slimmer was great, but feeling amazing was priceless.

In 2009, Smallworld Beauty collaborated with experienced chemists to formulate effective supplements to kick start weight loss and boost overall health. Understanding how torturous a diet can be, Ghada wanted to create products that would make achieving weight loss sweet and simple.


Smallworld Beauty products are designed to reduce the torture of dieting and make your weight loss journey sweet and simple!

All products have been formulated using effective ingredients to help you optimize your efforts while adopting proper nutrition and exercise.

Smallworld Beauty supplements work best when combined with proper nutrition and exercise. These products are formulated using effective ingredients that will help boost metabolism, suppress appetite, block starch absorption, detoxify your body, aid in colon health and help you build a leaner, stronger physique.


  • Sugar Free
  • Gluten Free
  • High in Protein 18 g
  • Low in Carbs 2 g Net Impact Carbs
  • ZERO artificial sweeteners
  • ZERO hydrogenated oils
  • ZERO transfats
  • 100% DELICIOUS!!!!

What more could you ask for?


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