Welcome to TEI Spa!

TEI Spa is a company specializing in Beauty Tools On the Go! Developed for Professional Estheticians, Facialists, Dermatologists and for home use, TEI Spa is at the forefront of facial spa devices. Since 1995 TEI Spa has offered men and women Spa Results at home and prolonged results within weeks for just minutes a day. We have learned that individuals love the results that they receive after pricey visits with their facialist or esthetician, and now offer the ability to get great results in the privacy of one’s home for just minutes a day.

Our collection of hand held devices, which were originally developed for professionals, are now available for individuals and at home spa treatments as well as for those who are consistently on the go. We understand the importance of quick, simple skin care and have developed devices which allow you to easily experience the benefits of professional treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Our products range in benefits from deep pore cleansing, to smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. With a large variety and assortment of necessary items, men and women of all ages can benefit from TEI Spa Essentials wide range of availabilities.

Check out http://www.teispa.com/ for a full product listing, additional information, and news and events for upcoming shows and new items.


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