Professional Collection


Our commitment to professional skin care goes above and beyond. Enhance your treatments with Professional TEI Spa Products.

Use these impeccable products during client treatments or Contact Us regarding selling TEI Spa Items at your salon, spa or business.


Give your clients an exfoliating facial that will keep them coming back for more. The Skin Spatula, originally developed for professionals, exfoliates the skin by opening pores using its Ultra Sonic technology. Forget traditional extractions and focus on areas of concern with the professional, easy to use Skin Spatula. Penetrate products deeper and give clients a look and feel that will drive your profits to new heights.

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The perfect tool for clients with acne prone or blemished skin, the OxyDerm professional high frequency device allows for the disinfecting of the skin and killing of bacteria. The OxyDerm not only helps clear up acne and blemished skin, but visibly brightens skin tone and complexion for health, radiant skin. Give clients the clean, healthy feeling they are looking for in expensive spa treatments and they will love your skin care regimen.

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Cleanse and exfoliate clients’ skin with the UltraCleanse Spa Treatment Brush. Created for use on the face and entire body, the UltraCleanse aids in cleansing the hard to reach places, rids of 6 times more make and it’s 360° rotating brush spins over 500 times per minute. Get cleanse specific and give clients the clear, clean skin they yearn for from a professional treatment.

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Whether you work in a spa, salon, office or from your home, the aroma of your workplace presents a memory for your client. The Professional EssenceAire Hydrotherapy and Aromatherapy diffuser was originally crafted for use by experts in the field. Works with any favored Essential Oil for the upmost in relaxation, aromatherapy and blood circulation.

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Provide new facial treatments that magazines, beauty editors, blogs and more have been raving about: The Galvanic Facial. Offer the professional results that clients expect with the Galvanic Point Pen Kit by reaching those hard to treat spots around the eyes, forehead and mouth. Have clients leave feeling youthful and rejuvenated and returning often.

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Whether you are an aesthetician or hair dresser, the HairSonic professional scalp massaging and cleansing tool has been designed to stimulate and revive the scalp and hair follicles. Great for use on wet or dry hair, the easy to use Hair Sonic will give clients the scalp cleansing they want in a professional treatment as well as the reviving benefits of a relaxing scalp massage.

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Invigorating Lavender and Eucalyptus Organic Essential Oils are ideal for use in the TEI Spa EssenceAire Diffuser, for massage, bathing, or to enhance the scent of your workspace. Relax and invigorate with the scents of Lavender and Eucalyptus. Our highly concentrated Essential Oils only require a few drops for hours of aroma-therapeutic benefits

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The TEI Spa Professional Makeup Tool Case is the first professional caddy designed, tested and recommended by makeup artists, aestheticians and hairdressers. The perfect size, lightweight and easy to use TEI Spa Makeup Caddy offers an insulated case, forged metal handles, detachable roller dolly for easy traveling and washable lined deep drawers. Fit everything easily into one tool case that can go anywhere.

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